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Maslool Innovation

A 5-month experience, a creative program that focuses on start-ups and innovation projects.


Live in the center of Tel Aviv in a fully equipped and well-located apartment, work at a start-up or an innovative company in Israel and take part in an exclusive course about innovation and the start-up world in which Israel is famous for. In addition, you will also enjoy trips throughout Israel, take part in Hebrew classes, and experience a unique adventure with people from all over the world.


You will intern at a start-up or an innovative company for 5 months.

We have many companies to find the best internship for you at a start-up or an innovative company in Israel. For that, we will do an individual process to understand your expectations and talk about the Israeli market in your professional area.


StartUp U Course

During this program, in addition to working at a start-up company, you will participate in a 2-month course specifically designed for participants of the Maslool Program. It includes exclusive training (eight 2-3 hour meetings with specialists) for our group to gain and develop tools that can be used within the organization you will work in, or in your future ventures. 

The course is offered by our partner Meeting IL and addresses topics such as the world of startups, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial challenges, business models, Venture Capital, how to raise funds for your project or business, creation and presentation of your project, product value, success and failure cases, getting to know the work of incubators and accelerators, exploring Israel's innovative environment, meeting entrepreneurs and experiencing the hub of startups. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate and the opportunity to receive a recommendation letter from the company of your internship.

StartU Course Schedule (2021)


* The dates and themes of each class, or the order of the classes are liable to change closer to the date or even during the course.



  • In order for the course to take place, a minimum of 10 participants is required. If we won’t have 10 participants, the program will still take place but without the Start U course.

  • Acceptance in a company/start-up depends on factors such as experience, CV, English level, and an interview with the company.


Registration open until May 13, 2021.

Limited spaces are available!Click here to register!


Housing: Live in Tel Aviv in a fully equipped and well-located apartment.

Ulpan: Hebrew classes according to your level in one of Tel Aviv's best ulpanim. You will take a 2.5-month course with classes twice a week at night.

Tours: Once a month, you will have a day-long tour somewhere in Israel with the Maslool program group.

Cultural Activities: Once a month you will have a 2-3 hour cultural activity in Tel Aviv with the Maslool program group.

Madrichim: During the program, you will be accompanied and supported by madrichim (counselors). They will help you with any questions or problems.

Medical insurance: You will receive medical insurance from the first to the last day of your program.


Program Dates (2021)

You can arrive in Israel until June 30th. You choose your arrival date!

*If quarantine is still required by the Ministry of Health of the State of Israel, the program will start 14 days before, we will provide all the necessary requirements for the quarantine.

*There is an option to extend the program up to 10 months.

Program Cost & Grants

The total cost of the program, including housing, intern at a start-up, "StartUp U" innovation course, studying at an ulpan, public transport in Tel Aviv, medical insurance, counselors support, tours, and cultural activities is $8,800.

If quarantine is required, an additional $300 will be added.

Not included in the program: airfare, transportation from the airport to the apartment, food, and any other item that has not been described as included in the program.

Receive grants- As a program approved by Masa, our participants can receive grants according to their profile, place of origin, and availability of grants. The grant/need-based scholarship can go up to $4,750.


Registration until May 13, 2021.

Limited spaces are available! Click here to register!

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