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What is the Award program?

The “International Award for Young People – Israel” is a renowned self-development program available to all young people in Israel, between the ages of 14 – 24. Using experiential learning in four carefully selected areas:  Physical Recreation, Skills, Adventurous Journey and Community Service, young people are equipped with essential life skills to make a difference to themselves and their communities. The program is accessible to anyone regardless of background or prior experience.


Project TEN in Kibbutz Harduf, Galilee

Live within a diverse community in the Galilee:

  • Teach English in elementary schools

  • Work at a rehabilitative community for adults with special needs

  • Work with at-risk youth

  • Work in the organic agricultural fields

  • Theater project in English, Hebrew & Arabic Ecological planning & construction 

Learn more about Project TEN in Harduf

Be The Change

>> September 1, 2022 – January 25, 2023 <<
>> February 2, 2023 - June 29th, 2023 <<

Join us for 5 incredible months!
$4500 (price does not include airfare)
Contact us to check your eligibility for a generous Masa grant!
Find out more about Project TEN​

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Please leave your details, and one of our program coordinators will get in touch with you shortly.

More options and flexibility

Wish to extend your stay in Israel? With Maslool you can stay up to 10 months and enjoy an increased Masa grant! You can combine Project TEN with an additional 5 month stay in Tel Aviv or elsewhere. Choose to intern, volunteer​, learn Hebrew and much more! Simply contact us we we will build a program according to your needs.

Volunteer Testimonial

"Living on a kibbutz was very good, it felt special, peaceful & communal. I enjoyed the work in Beit Elisha, a special needs centers for adults and the school in particular. I learnt how to communicate beyond language barriers and support people better. I believe this experience has giving me more trust in my own capability in a
work environment." - Julia 19, Germany

"I wanted to connect more with my Jewish identity. I LOVED living in a desert, I liked how different it wasfrom my environment in Florida. Mitzpe is very interesting and diverse. I love the hippie vibes here. I enjoyed gardening the most and there is lots of things I will take back from my experience!" - Katherine 27, Florida

"The program was a good fit for me; I had a much needed break from school and manyenjoyable volunteering experiences. The free weekend in Eilat was awesome I camped on the beach in Eilat and visited the underwater observatory there. The educational curriculum was very informative. I improved my Hebrew  and Arabic. The Jewish classes were thought-provoking!" - Yehuda, 18, Ohio

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