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Maslool - Our Story

Who Are We

The Maslool program is open to young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 from around the world. The program’s unique, modular approach allows participants to experience Israel in a tailor made way. Maslool combines participants’ interests and desires in a communal and supportive environment. The Maslool program is perfect for anyone seeking personal and professional growth and development.



Whenever you choose! Maslool participants choose their own beginning and end for their program. Programs can last between 4-10 months.


Participants design their own program, which can include internships, volunteering, attending university courses, or whatever else they choose. Choose from the best of life in Israel that fits your own needs and interests. Maslool programs also include Hebrew immersion, which is provided in a variety of ways to suit the participant’s own learning style. The Maslool experience is supplemented by regular trips and cultural events, which allow participants to get to know each other and explore the beauty of Israel.


Maslool participants choose where they would like to live during their program.  There is a perfect fit for your own lifestyle and budget. Maslool offers several apartments, located in the trendy Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Maslool participants can choose to live on their own, or experience the communal life on a Kibbutz.


Prices vary from one participant to another due to the flexible nature of the program. Our program coordinators will work with each individual to adjust and fit a program to the budget that they have. Scholarships and grants are available.


Please contact us or leave your details, and one of our program coordinators will get in touch with you shortly.

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