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Volunteer at one of Israel's largest humanitarian organisations 

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Volunteer at SACH with Maslool 

Through Maslool, you can choose to undertake a meaningful volunteering experience at Save A Child’s Heart. 

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to engage with people from all different backgrounds and learn from their respective languages, cultures and customs. 

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What is Save A Child's Heart?

Save A Child's Heart saves the lives of critically ill children suffering from heart disease in countries where access to pediatric heart care is limited or nonexistent.


Through bringing children to Israel for medical care, performing missions abroad, and training medical personnel, SACH are bringing hope to families,  communities, and countries. 

Responsibilities of SACH Volunteers

‍Volunteers are responsible for organising games and activities for the children, as well as acting as a friend and a familiar face.


Volunteers are crucial for providing care and emotional support to the kids and their families during their stay in Israel, pre- and post-procedure.

There are both full-time and part-time volunteering options at SACH. 

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Volunteer Testimonial

"Volunteering at SACH has been one of the most special experiences and it truly made my time in Israel so much more meaningful. I looked forward to my shifts each week and loved being able to spend time with the children and their mothers" Zoe 19, Australia

"Volunteering at SACH has shown me that language and cultural differences will never be a barrier to forming meaningful and loving connections. The children, and the mothers accompanying them, will have a place in my heart forever. I could not recommend SACH more!"  Jasmine 20, Australia

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