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  • What is Maslool?
    Maslool is a long-term Masa-sponsored program in Israel which allows each participant to design his/her own personalized program. We tailor-make your program according to your aspirations, wishes, qualifications... and dreams. Maslool enables each participant to experience Israel in a unique way, depending on individual preferences and goals. Participants choose their own program and decide what, when and where to do the activity that best fits their needs. Maslool is open to all young adults from all over the world. Maslool is designed for those who do not want to be confined in a group setting and rather have a more independent experience to get an up-close feel for the Israeli culture.
  • Which kind of participants do you accept?
    We accept participants who are between the ages of 18-30, from all over the world. To ensure the best outcome for such a modular program, our participants must be independent, adaptable, driven, focused and with a true connection to Israel and its establishments. The program enables each participant to experience Israel in a unique way, depending on individual preferences and goals. Our participants look for a flexible, customized and tailored program that matches perfectly their insterests and ambitions with a unique israel expierience to them. That means that they have a set of goals (learn something new, making some research, have a job experience, change some realities by volunteering, experience the life in a Kibutz or doing the Marva (military trainning) or others and with our knowledge and their goals we build a complete and extraordinary program.
  • What does it means a career development program?
    There’s no better international experience than living like a local. Maslool career development provides internship placement, volunteer, and degree programs connecting you to local Israeli industries. Whether you’re seeking to get ahead in your current field or explore something new, our program will help you find your own path to the optimal career opportunity in Israel. Our purpose is to boost your curriculum, give you the opportunty to gain new skills and develop yourself. This is why this is a career development program.
  • Is it your program for everyone?
    No, there are lots of ways to explore and live in Israel with programs that fit candidates' expectations. This program is built for adults with specific goals that want to live in Israel according to their interests in a more independent way. The program is designed for those who are looking to participate in a Masa Israel long-term program, but do not want to be confined in a group setting, and rather have a more independent experience to get an up-close feel for the Israeli culture.
  • So, ill be alone?"
    In Maslool, you will encounter other participants whom are experiencing their own individual program. If you live in one of our apartments, naturally, at the end of each day you will share your life while you eat some Hummus in your house or go out for a beer. The counselors will be there for you 24/7 in case of an emergency. Besides, your routine will be as such where you will meet people in the Ulpan, work or in any other places. You will have special times to share together, build new relations and have fun. Maslool also provides with special trips, excursions, and cultural events throughout Israel, in which you will also meet the rest of your program-mates.
  • What if I don't like it?
    No worries. This is a flexible program, so if something doesn't work we can rapidly look for other solution. Also, we believe that a huge part of paving one's path, one must go in different routes. It is always possible to change your mind, before and mid program, as long as you communicate with our program coordinator accordingly. Of course, there might be some changes in your program cost or Masa funding, but this doesn't mean you cannot change your mind.
  • Can I travel abroad while I'm doing my program?
    Yes, your vacation time depends on your program's length. Each Masa participant is eligible for a 10%-per-month vacation days, meaning, 3 days per month. You may accumulate these days, or use them separately, but you cannot use them all at once towards the end of your program. If you choose to go abroad, you can, just remember to follow the security instructions regarding certain places which will be provided by your Madrichim. All said above can change according to Masa Israel Journey's or Maslool Program's rules. Traveling abroad during your program requires Maslool Program's authorization.
  • Who has made Maslool? Do you have some examples of what they have done?
    More than 1600 people from over 36 countries have participated in Maslool over the past 16 years. Our Instagram is the place to check out testimonials and learn about people's experiences.
  • When is the best time to apply?
    The answer is: as soon as possible so we can find you the bests spots and decide together the options with you. Of course, many of the internship places work all year round, but some have seasonal acceptance policy. This means, in order for you to keep all options open, beginning your registration process as soon as possible will be best. That being said, there are some cases where the registration/placement process depends on un expected factors, leaving few questions un answered, since we are dealing with people and their personal professional desires. This just means you must be patient, and allow the process go through its natural course.
  • Is Maslool giving away grants?
    Maslool is a Masa sponsored program, which means you can apply to Masa (an separate organization than Maslool) for a scholarship to do our program Masa Israel works to make it as easy as possible for Jewish young adults to come to Israel. They offer grants and/or scholarships to help make the experience more affordable, and collect information about other grants and scholarships available for long-term Israel programs from third party organizations. Masa provides with every eligible participant a grant for participating in a program in Israel. Grant amounts are determined by factors such as age, home-country, length of program, etc. In addition, need-based scholarships are available. To find out more about available funding please see Although we do not offer funding, we do however offer adjustment to your program price, to ensure that your program fits to your budget and to your needs.
  • How do I get a grant from Masa Israel?
    After checking your eligibility to participate in Masa (click here, you will then receive a username and password to your personal portal where you can check your funding status, contact Masa and catch up on Masa events and updates. *We cannot determine that since this issue entirely depends on Masa **Please note, you can apply for additional funding by checking out our list of Jewish scholarships for programs in Israel.
  • Who is eligible?
    Maslool program works for anyone who's between the ages of 18-35, seeking career development or volunteering options in Israel for 4-10 months.
  • How can I start? What are the steps?
    1. Building your dream program: After receiving your enquiry (either through Masa reps or directly to one of our emails), one of our program coordinators will contact you to set up an opening conversation (normally via Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom). In this initial conversation, 90% chances it will be determind if this program suits yours and ours needs. If, indeed, it does, then our program coordinator will begin the program build. During this conversation, we ask four questions: 1) When do you want to start your program? 2) How long do you want your program to be? 3) What do you want to do in your program? 4) Where do you want to live during your program? Our dedicated team will then manage to construct a tailor made program, which will consider both logistic and desired aspects. We believe that all of our participants deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. 2. Receiving and improving your proposal: We will send you an email with your program so far, the costs and all the details related. Once you will give us your feedback, we will adjust the proposal until you say: “OK, It's perfect let's do it”. 3. Masa application: Simultaneously, you must apply to the MASA funding portal, so that Masa will determine how much funding you will receive. Your program coordinator will go through this process with you, step by step. 4. Finalizing the registration: We will prepare the documents for you to sign, including your visa papers, insurance, and registration to various courses, so that everything will be ready for your arrival. 5. You will start living your dream!
  • I’ve been to Israel before. Am I eligible?
    Of course! Anyone can join Maslool, regardless of their religion or their prior visits to Israel. If you have never participated in a Masa program before, or, only used up a portion of your 10 months quota, then you may be eligible for a Masa grant to help you finance your participation with Maslool. For Masa eligibility inquiries please go to this link.
  • Do I need a Visa? Do I get one? How?
    To participate on Maslool with Masa, you will need an A2 student visa. Maslool and Masa can assist with providing the papers for an A2 student visa, which allows its holder to multiple entries (travel abroad) during their stay in Israel. This visa IS NOT a working visa, and you won't be able to work and receive money by having it. This visa is provided ONLY to Masa participants. Meaning, non-Jewish participants, who are not eligible for Masa, will be receiving a tourist Visa only, depending on their passport's criteria.
  • I am an Israeli citizen. Am I eligible?
    Yes. You are able to participate in the program and live in Israel with your Israeli passport, as long as you don't become a citizen (receiving Teudat Zehut) before or during your program. If you are an Israeli citizen, you are only eligible if you've never lived in Israel or left before the age of 12 (official documentation will be required). If you are accepted to the program, you will need to obtain army exemption papers from your local Israeli consulate.
  • Where will I live?
    You choose where to live! You can choose to search for your own accommodation, or to live in one of Maslool's apartments. These apartments are located in the trendy neighborhood Florentine, south Tel Aviv, and are offered exclusively to our participants. You can also choose to live on a Kibbutz or almost anywhere across the country.
  • What is provided by Maslool in the apartments? What should I bring?
    All Maslool apartments include basic furniture such as beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, linens and towels. All apartments also include a lavatory, bathroom, equipped kitchen (refrigerator, toaster oven, stove OR hotplate since Israeli kitchens often do not have both), cutlery, and crockery, and air conditioning. Participants should bring spending money, personal belongings and other items as detailed by the packing list they will receive from the program organizer.
  • Will I share a room? How will my roommates be chosen?
    We offer single rooms and shared rooms for up to 2 people. Roommate assignments are most often handled by the program coordinator, considering factors like age, personal requests etc.
  • Can I be a Maslool participant, without living in one of their apartments?"
    Yes. We believe that living with other participants is an important component of the overall experience but if you have relatives, friends or want to rent your own place in TLV or other cities in Israel, you can.
  • What happens if I have issues with the living arraignment provided by Maslool?
    For any housing related issue, participants are advised to be directly in touch with their group counselor/madrich (a). Like any housing on the open market (even in participants own homes), different housing related issues can take varying amounts of time to address depending on a variety of factors. Program staff will work as quickly as possible to address any problem arises. It is important to note that participants are expected to take an active role in problem-solving process and avoiding housing related issues. This includes taking responsibility for the cleanliness of apartments, taking out garbage, and general care of the facilities provided, etc, to avoid unwanted damage. If it is found that participants damaged anything in their apartment, it is possible that the cost of fixing or replacing such items could be charged using their security deposits.
  • When can I check-in and check-out?
    Check-ins and Check-outs are being made during week days, Sunday-Thursday, between 8:00-20:00 and only accompanied by one of the Madrichim.
  • What kind of Internships/Volunteering placements do you offer?
    We offer pretty much any field of occupation that exists in Israel, taking under consideration the specific limitations in each field. This sounds pretty broad, and it really is! Best way to approach this question is to go through the registration process with one of our program coordinators, so that they could accustom the right type of internship/volunteering to ones needs.
  • Will I receive a reference letter from my Israeli employer once I complete my internship/volunteering?
    There are some employers who will supply such a letter if requested. This can be asked for you through your internship coordinator or just directly from you to the employer. It is not an obligatory part of the process. At any case, we do help out with any request by refraining emails, going through the requests, and adjusting them to the code of conduct in Israel.
  • Can I change my placement if I don't like it?
    After beginning your placement, your program coordinator will be in touch with you to see how your experience is. If you are not satisfied with the placement, the first response will be to try to address the issues within the context of your current placement. If the lack of satisfaction continues, it is possible to work with your placement coordinator to find a new placement, within the limits of your areas of interest, geographical location in Israel, placement opportunities and amount of time left of the program.
  • Will I get paid for my internship?
    No. Your Visa allows you to work as an intern, that means no payments are allowed. You will gain instead experienice, curriculum, skills and you will get known by Israeli buissneses in case you want to stay here after the program. That being said, there are internship places which offer transportation refunds or pocket money for lunch. This entirely depends on the specific company.
  • Can I arrange my own internship?
    Participants are permitted to utilize their networks to arrange for their own internships, however, such placements must be approved by your program coordinator. This is to ensure that the internship will meet Masa Israel standards and be a productive experience for you as the participant.
  • Do I need to speak Hebrew?
    No. You are not required to speak Hebrew to participate on this program. In fact, Hebrew language study – or Ulpan – is part of the features we offer to our participants. It all depends on what you'd like to do upon arrival. If you'll begin with an internship/ course which require sufficient Hebrew, then you will need to know Hebrew before you arrive. You can always start with an Ulpan, and proceed with the rest of the program once you gain more control for the language. At any case, most places understand that there might be a language barrier, so Israeli people are customizing themselves to this scenario. Our assumption is that the internship/volunteering or studies will take place in English, and most Israelis you interact with at your placement do communicate in English. If you do know some Hebrew that will of course add to your experience more opportunities.
  • Is it safe to travel to Israel?
    Absolutely! When it comes to security, we know that Israel is often in the news. However, the safety and well-being of our participants is our primary operating principle and our foremost concern. In addition to the Israeli government's strict security measures taken to guard public places, we take additional precautions to ensure participant safety. We do not hesitate to make any and all changes to our itineraries as needed.
  • Do staff members accompany the participants to the groups' trips?
    Maslool is a supervised program; all trips are accompanied by a tour educator, two staff members, and, when required, a trained security guard and medic. When needed, additional security will be provided.
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