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Maslool Xtreme

One month Rescue Course in the Desert + Three months Classic Maslool

Starts: April 24th

Maslool Xtreme is a four-month program that offers you an experience like no other!

Start with a month long Search & Rescue course in the heart of the Israeli desert at Ein Gedi. And then spend three months according to your style and choice. A communal volunteering Kibbutz experience or an intense urban lifestyle in the city that never sleeps – Tel Aviv. It’s up to you!


Search & Rescue course in the desert

Ein Gedi Search & Rescue training program is an experiential and empowering training program unmatched by any other experience here in Israel!

The proposed program is 4 weeks duration in full boarding conditions. Training and professional experience will include learning and experiencing the vast worlds of nature, navigation, individual and group empowerment, roping skills, first aid, resilience, formation and familiarizing the harsh desert topography and climate through intense physical training and lots of fun.

Example of days per schedule:

Day 1: First aid course, locating - technologies {applications}, field trips to get acquainted with footprints and physical signs in the field - field analysis map vs reality

Day 2: Roping skills, surfing, troubleshooting and self-surfing

Day 3: Management and command tools, Event management considerations in all aspects

Day 4: Understanding the value of volunteering and the importance of existing volunteer rescue team for the local, tourism to the area and education, personal commitment

3 months tailored experience

This phase is entirely for you to design and decide. The options are endless!

Live in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat or Kibbutz

Internship at a high-tech company, volunteer at The Magen David Adom (Israel's national emergency service), take a water sports course, learn Hebrew…this is just a shortlist of all the opportunities that await you! Our program advisors will be happy to assist you with planning your ideal
2-month tailor-made experience.

תמונה טובה.jpg

Are you up for the challenge?

The program is suitable for those with good health, women and men who desire extreme experience and physical abilities for learning and staying in field conditions.

If you are 18- 30 years old, physically and mentally healthy, looking for an experience that’s off the beaten track, and interested in the field of rescue, abseiling, navigation and survival, Maslool extreme could be for you!

Extend your adventure

Thinking of staying for a longer period in Israel?

Maslool is a flexible, tailored made program, and as such, you can extend your stay for as long as ten months. We’d be delighted to hear more about what you have in mind for your visit to Israel and assist you with the planning and logistics. The opportunities are endless.


Masa Israel Journey offers significant grants according to certain criteria. Check your eligibility here.

*The cost of the program depends on your plan for the 2nd phase and on the Masa Israel Journey grant you may receive. 

About the Ein Gedi Rescue Team

Ein Gedi Rescue Team is a professional body that has been operating for over 5 decades. As volunteers and activists in the Ein Gedi Rescue Team, we carry many duties and rights. The activities and areas of assistance of the Ein Gedi Rescue Team are complex and numerous both in Israel and worldwide.


More Information about the program:

1. The program Includes physical and mental exertion. Good health is needed to be a      part of the program.

2. Part of the plan takes place in Kibbutz Ein Gedi, and part of it includes hikes and adventures in the desert around.

3. The sleeping arrangement in Kibbutz Ein Gedi will be in shared rooms – (2-4 students per room).

4. The training course includes outdoor expeditions where we will sleep in tents and sleeping bags. All equipment will be provided.

5. The plan includes studies and certifications. During class hours, students are required to be fully present for the benefit of the training. Missing a class may result in losing your qualification for the end of course certification.

6. On Kibbutz Ein Gedi, you can find a grocery shop, post office, Internet connection, and general services that will allow full communication with home. You’ll also enjoy an independent social life.

7. Throughout the training program, staff members are available 24 hours a day.


We look forward to seeing you and are glad you chose to take part in the experience.


Please contact us or leave your details, and one of our program coordinators will get in touch with you shortly.

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